For those unfamiliar with the Battle Pass system, it is a one time purchase

For those unfamiliar with the Battle Pass system, it is a one time purchase (usually around $10) that unlocks a ton of in-game cosmetic rewards. However, players have to level up or progress through the battle pass tier to unlock each reward. Games like Fortnite or Apex Legends reward players with new character skins, emotes, weapon skins, etc. Battle passes are also only available for a limited time which is usually referred to as a “season,” and the items that are offered through the battle pass can only be obtained during this seasonal window. This encourages players to purchase the battle pass and grind through the tier before the season is over so they don’t miss out on these exclusive skins.

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With seemingly every game having a battle pass system it raises the question, which is best? Of course, the answer is subjective, and while some battle passes may be better than others it should not be seen as a reflection of the overall game. While some battle passes offer extraordinary rewards, the game itself may not be worth playing to obtain those rewards. Some games are great works of art that can be incredibly fun, but maybe the battle pass isn’t worth the extra $10. Regardless, this article will lay out what each battle pass has to offer for some of the biggest games out right now.

Fortnite’s Battle Pass
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Of course, Fortnite is the first battle pass to discuss as it is the grandfather of the Battle Pass system. For the most part, their battle pass has done everything right and is well worth the $10 it costs to purchase. A season of Fortnite lasts about 10 weeks, so every two and a half months a new battle pass is available for players. The battle pass offers 100 tiers of rewards, some of which are pretty garbage, while others would cost the player $12 – $20 if available for purchase in the item shop. A Fortnite battle pass also comes with exclusive challenges for players to complete, with new challenges being unlocked every week.

Is it worth $10? Absolutely. The most recent battle pass included 6 new exclusive skins each with its own additional unlockable styles, and most have their own pickaxes and back bling, on top of a handful of emotes, loading screens, and player fortnite v bucks generator icons. If Fortnite does one thing right it is its cosmetics. The battle pass offers players a plethora of items to unlock that are each unique and worth the grind and the extra challenges extend the life of the game and give players a reason to hop back in every week.

However, Fortnite isn’t for everyone and a battle pass may not be the determining factor for playing the game. The challenges have gotten easier with every new season, so unlocking a tier 100 skin variant doesn’t feel as prestigious as it once did. However, if players are looking for the most bang for their buck, Fortnite’s battle pass is the route to go.

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PUBG’s Survivor Pass

PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS is another battle royale which can’t go without being mentioned. While it wasn’t the first to adopt the battle pass system, it was one of the first battle royale games and the one that many would attribute the popularity of the genre to. PUBG did eventually adopt the battle pass mode of play, but it’s first few launches were a bit mediocre. However, the most recent “Survivor Pass” has been the most advantageous so far.

While known for it’s more serious tone, PUBG’s survivor pass for season 7 has taken a bit of a sillier twist. The survivor pass is a whopping $10 and it offers 100 tiers of rewards, 41 player customization options, 19 weapon skins, and 9 emotes. While in the past the rewards were lackluster, season 7 is dinosaur themed and a lot of the cosmetics are silly mascot outfits or exotic animal print jackets. PUBG allows the player to customize their character more than most games, and season 7’s pass adds a lot of unique flair to the player’s options.

As for quests… there aren’t any extra battle pass challenges. However, it can be quite a grind to get to tier 100 of PUBG’s survivor pass, and it’s up to the player to decide whether the grind is worth the rewards.

Apex Legends’ Battle Pass
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Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game that had a pretty strong launch but fell from grace shortly after due to it being slightly too niche. However, it has maintained a pretty loyal fanbase and has stayed fairly consistent in terms of gameplay. The Apex Legends Battle Pass is 950 Apex Coins, or roughly $10, and the rewards are worth more than that monetarily. However, the character skins that can be obtained through the battle pass are a bit lackluster, and have been for some time now. The best skins for characters can be found in the item shop and can be purchased with real money, or can be obtained through opening Apex Packs, which also cost real money, or can be obtained through grinding levels.

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While the character skins which are unlocked through the battle pass aren’t that great, the weapon skins and emotes in Apex Legends are amazing. What Apex lacks in character skins they make up for tenfold in weapon skins, and almost every weapon skin in the battle pass is gorgeous. There are also plenty of quality voice lines, emotes, calling cards, and stat trackers. On top of all of those rewards, there are rare materials which can be used to craft skins as well as high tier Apex Packs only obtainable through the battle pass.

Again, no extra quests or anything like that are included, but there are 100 tiers for players to grind through, each having its own unique reward. However, if players aren’t into weapon skins and would rather spend their money on a cool character outfit instead, this battle pass might not be the best choice.

Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Battle Pass

Warzone is arguably the hottest battle royale experience out right now, and as such it only makes sense that Call of Duty would also hop on the Battle Pass bandwagon. This isn’t Call of Duty’s first battle royale, however it is their first good one. The same can be said for the Warzone Battle Pass. Call Of Duty Black Ops 4’s reward system allowed players to buy multiple different “battle passes” that would last until the player completed all of the tiers. This time around they are taking a more traditional approach to the battle pass system.

Warzone’s battle pass offers players 100 tiers of loot progression that lasts for a limited amount of time and can be purchased for the all-too-familiar $10. While the Warzone experience is one of a kind, the battle pass leaves a lot to be desired. There are different operators available, but they aren’t very unique visually, and the weapon blueprints all have that same standard Call of Duty feel, with only a few standing out from among the rest. However, the big selling point for the Warzone battle pass is that essentially players get their money back. The pass may cost 1,000 CP, but if the entire pass is completed the player will earn 1,300 CP.

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