we should anticipate quite a few angry Fortnite gamers at the dawn of Season 4

Indeed, we should anticipate quite a few angry Fortnite gamers at the dawn of Season 4 unless somehow Apple, Google or Epic backs down in less than two weeks. That strikes me as enormously unlikely.

In any case, with the new season dropping on the 27th, it’s safe to assume that the big Season 3-ending Live Event will take place on Saturday, August 22nd. Typically each season caps off with some huge Live Event the Saturday ahead of the new season’s release. Last season this was the towers rising out of the waters around the Agency which set off some crazy storm that led to water surrounding the inner circle of the map until those waters somehow broke and flooded the map in Season 3.

The most curious part of that event was when players glitched out of the game into an office building, leading to some interesting meta-narrative bits with a very surprised looking version of Jonesy in the “real world.”

Whether that thread will be picked up in this season’s ending event remains to be seen. Indeed, there’s little indication of how this season will end at this point and what to expect fortnite v bucks generator from Season 4. I do hope we’ll see the return of the mysterious Astronaut and his Ancient Ship, which could make for an interesting transition to Season 4, but who knows?MORE FROM FORBES‘Fortnite’ Astronaut Challenge: How To Find The Ancient Ship And Install Its Missing PartsBy Erik Kain

I suppose if the superhero “secret” skin theme continues we should expect Thor or Wolverine or some such character to show up in the Season 4 Battle Pass, but that’s far from certain (and much less certain than Aquaman was for Season 3).

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