you’ll unlock the very cool X-Force skin style

This time around, you’ll unlock the very cool X-Force skin style (pictured above). All you have to do is find Deadpool’s shorts and then salute his pants.

It’s a very trousery week for our “merc with a mouth” I suppose.

In any case, once you’ve found his shorts, you’ll need to go find the hero’s pants. There was rumor that these would be flying atop the agency, but the actual location is at Sweaty Sands.

Deadpool’s pants are on top of a high building in the eastern portion of town:

Deadpool's Pants Location Fortnite
Deadpool’s Pants Location Fortnite CREDIT: EPIC / ERIK KAIN

You’ll see them as you glide down, floating in the breeze like so:Today In: Games

Deadpool Pants Clue
Deadpool Pants Clue CREDIT: EPIC / ERIK KAIN

I was intending on taking a better screenshot when I landed, but I dropped in next to a half dozen of v buck generator other players and completely forgot. In other words, be prepared for a fight if you head to this location any time soon.


It wasn’t too bad, though. Everyone was saluting Deadpool’s pants so there was a brief period of time to successfully complete the challenge before bloodshed. Of course, this would also be a good spot to get in some pickaxe damage if you’re still working on that challenge.

Either way, once you’ve completed this step you’ll get the very cool X-Force skin style for Deadpool. Then it’s on to Week 10 and the end of the Battle Pass, though Season 2 is being extended by about a month so who knows, maybe we’ll get some extra Deadpool content as well.

I wonder if next week’s Deadpool skin style will be all gold?

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